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What is holding smartphone payments back?

NFC smartphone payments are slowly making their way into the mainstream, but there is still a long way to go before we see widespread consumer adoption.

Bloggers, from every background, industry and site, understand that keeping things fresh isn’t always easy. If you’ve hit a wall when it comes to writing, finding ways to boost your creativity is important.

There are good reasons businesses are now going to the internet to expand their reach and increase their profit. The internet is a phenomenal wonder that connects people and exponentially improved global communication.

How to improve your marketing campaigns by following these google analytic tips to better evaluate your results.

10 Big Time Google Analtyics Tips and Tricks

The Internet of Things includes everything from smartphone apps that control your homes lights and temperature from afar to real-time analytics that help ease traffic congestion and city parking woes, according to SAP.

Infographic: The Internet of Things

SAP: 'Internet of Things' is Future of Information Management, Smart Cities [Infographic]

6 Predictions For Business Intelligence In 2012 - Software - Business Intelligence - Informationweek

Decision Toolbox's Kathy Marshall shared insights with InformationWeek on how to identify data-driven employees and cultivate a data-savvy workforce.

How Social Media Impacts Your Shopping Experience

How Smart Devices and Social Media Impact Your Shopping Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Meaning of Like: How Smart Devices and Social Analytics Are Transforming Retail [Infographic] via

In 2011, smartphones outsold PCs for the first time in history. By 2015, it's estimated that tablet sales will be on par with PC sales, while smartphones will have reached the 1 billion mark in sales.       Imagine what that kind of technology could do for the social web...     Subtleties like sarcasm might no longer get misinterpreted by plain text.  Mobile gaming could involve much more of your body than your brain, eyes, thumb, and forefinger..........

Infographic: Features your next smartphone may have

Your next smartphone and the future of connected consumer electronics [infographic]

Use Google Analytics to track your Pinterest Promoted Pins by keyword groups www.socialmediamarketingcenter.com

Easy Tricks to use Google Analytics UTM Codes for tracking Promoted Pins by Keyword Group

Marketing Day: Facebooks 360-Degree Videos Google Analytics Turns 10 & Buffer Adds Social Calendar

Marketing Day: Facebook's 360-Degree Videos, Google Analytics Turns 10 & Buffer Adds Social Calendar

Here's our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: Questions