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Here's an interesting article on how Starbucks and Apple use the Mere Exposure Effect.

I wonder if Ginny had any say? "How about we name him Fred Arther after my brother and father since we already have Jam-"  "No. His name will be Albus Severus."

You act like Harry named the children by himself; Luna is Ginny's best friend, of course her daughter is named partially after her.

I laughed my guts out then died. Yep, I'm horrible.

fifty shades of pink by dolores umbridge -possibly the greatest thing ever?

So did I. But I remembered there were worse things than death

A fandom's mutual hatred.> I wanted Voldemort to die a quick, clean, painless death. I wanted her to have her to be kissed by dementors and then have to live the rest of her miserable life.

True though. Voldemort wasn't technically immortal immortal, but Draco did hug him. Well Voldemort hugged him Draco just stood there. ....

Draco's last name was going to be Spinks, and the majority of the words in in Harry Potter (that aren't English, obviously) are Latin

Turn your coffee into a work of art with just a sharpie.

20 Unexpected Pieces of Sharpie Art

Starbucks is LIFEEE | We Heart It | starbucks, galaxy, and pink

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Actually, apparently American quidditch, like American football, is in fact different from British quidditch.