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10+ Of The Funniest Product Instructions And Tags

Do you?

you will never catch me sitting all the way on a public toilet and i always flush with my foot and open the door with my elbow after scrubbing my hands clean and using hand sanitizer.

Workers of the World: UNTIE!

THIS is now my favourite lemon quote (comm. teacher happy): If Life Gives You Melons.you may be dyslexic.

Love me my Netflix. ♡

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Olympic Divers Photoshopped - GiantGag - I never realized it was that windy on the way down.

Funny pictures about Olympic divers on the toilet. Oh, and cool pics about Olympic divers on the toilet. Also, Olympic divers on the toilet.

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feeling like p.diddy, he doesnt sleep, he was getting into the hotel this morning around then going to a nice breakfast! no sleep?

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Sadly, I don't need my credit card to encourage the spending -- but, I will in fact spend all the money!