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Being a veterinarian is never boring! Dr. Patty Khuly tells us about some of the more unusual things that vets do.

From taking pets home overnight to abandoned kitten care, Dr. Patty Khuly shares some of the more unusual things vets do in the course of a normal workday.

Yup that is pretty much how it goes.

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Image: owner and vet Your veterinarian is trained to care for your pet — and is privileged to do so. But no amount of [.

Vetstreet's Dr. Patty Khuly discusses the various reasons that owners offer for choosing to either stay or go when it comes to euthanizing a beloved pet.

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Speaking from experience with her own puppy, Dr. Patty Khuly says people are quick to judge when they think your pet is too thin — but way less likely to comment if a pet is fat.  She wonders: Have we collectively created a new “normal” for what we think the average pet should look like?

Patty Khuly wonders why people worry more about thin pets than fat ones.

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We used to calculate our pet's age in dog years (seven human years to every dog year), but Dr. Marty Becker explains why that formula doesn't really work.

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Andy Roark shares the most bizarre client requests compiled from hundreds of vet clinics including those from pet owners who claimed to be vampires.


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