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well,is it ?

This video shows "What David really saw" when sitting in his dad's car after being at the dentist. It is based on the well-known video from 2008 “David after.

Grumpy Cat tard

Grumpy Cat gardening meme - these plants I hate them - garden on tardar sauce tard! We love you!

Dude you need a mint.. More than a mint my friend

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Saying "Awww"?

Want To have Cats that Act like Dogs at your Home? There is always a debate going on about if dogs or cats are better companions, and you will find equal amount of people debating over

Liked My Dentist On Facebook!   www.Facebook.com/DrHowardFarran

Ramon Durán, DMD is a general dentist with a focus on cosmetic and implant dentistry. With offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he is a widely known and respected dentist.

After a quick peek into /r/politics today

When I was applying to hygiene school I was dead set on attending the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. I had a four year degree from Howard .

What my patient actually looks like! Rotfl hahahaha TRUE TRUE TRUE!!!!

The odds of getting a patient that looks like the first guy is probably about as good as winning the lottery.

And  playing with the worms and vowing to become a "fishing worm catcher" when I grew up.  I actually did that.  I became a dental hygienist.  (Take a peek at oral bacteria under a microscope sometime!)

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