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Flower Trellis Hand Embroidered Temari Ball ArtbySunfire 1814096 80 | artbysunfire - Needlecraft on ArtFire

A shabby chic hand embroidered flower trellis in shades of pink and green design on ivory background. This Japanese temari ball measures 3 inches in diameter. Temari balls are an ancient Japa

chocolate - hand embroidered thread ball - japanese temari by julieandco #ball #japanese #temari

Decorative ball home decor - hand embroidered - japanese temari thread ball…


CLEARANCE - decorative ball modern home decor - hand embroidered thread ball - japanese temari - emma - girl gift room decor - julieandco

so skilled and beautiful! people are so creative!!!

japanese temari thread ball Made to Order decorative ball fiber art home decor hand embroidered chocolate brown blue fractal design accent


Pictured here is a fairly grand group of old temari, a temari being hand-wound ball made from leftover threads which was made as a gift for a child. By a “grand group” I mean that thes…

japanese temari next project

japanese temari next project


Temari Ornament Japanese Embroidered Ball Decoration in Easter Spring Colors