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Number sentences wanted poster

Ways to make numbers.Wanted Posters! One student a day gets the "Wanted Poster" on their desk. They're super excited about it.

Mrs. Bremer's Kindergarten: making numbers

This would be good to put in a journal also or add to calendar time on the smartboard! Number anchor chart- possibly make as signs with dry erase option- laminate. Good for beginning of the year because its easier

Todays Number: Good for EOG review after skills have been taught

Number of the day chart. Great daily math warm up to get the students in the right mindset. Can build number sense across grade levels if this is utilized consistently building-wide.

Number Sense FREEBIE!! (Morning Work, Math Centers, Math N

Number Sense FREEBIE!! (Morning Work, Math Centers, Math N

Math Tubs in Kindergarten: MORE Printing numbers

Matching ten frames to numbers - this is a great exercise since this is a main focus now in common core standards for math in Kindergarten.

1st Grade Math Game - 1 more, 1 less; 10 more, 10 less. by brenda.johnston.509

Grade Math Game - 1 more, 1 less; 10 more, 10 less. Could use for individual instruction or at a center with a small group.

Cool way to teach composing and decomposing numbers in a variety of ways.  Great visuals for Kindergarten students.

Teacher Mama: 8 Fun Ways to Teach Number Bonds {After School Linky}

Begin teaching NUMBER BONDS by using Use paper chains in different colours ti demonstrate. To the tune of Row Row Row your boat 9 and 1 are number bonds 8 and 2 are friends 7 and 3 6 and 4 5 and 5 are twins. Later, have them show it different ways.

With Common core coming, I will probably need to do this in Kindergarten by effie

Place value activity: roll, build, draw, write. Also has lots of other maths ideas and games for kids! -could easily use for decimals

Stomp It! Place value review. Add some kinesthetic movement into the lesson on pv.

Whole Body Math Learning: Stomp It! Place Value Game

Whole Body Math Learning: Stomp It! Place Value Game from Creekside Learning. allows students to fully understand place value concepts.

Sing this to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot! Great idea for teaching how to tell time.

Telling Time Song - anchor chart for telling time ~ Sing to I'm a Little Teapot.

A Spoonful of Learning: Shapes, Shapes, Shapes!! & FREEBIE!

Audience: First grade, Behavior: Classify shapes using informal geometric language. I would introduce some familiar shapes and ask the students to identify how many sides and vertices using an anchor chart.