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Arrowheads, either made of stone or steel or glass. These can be used to trade and barter with and, depending on how bad things get, these might be worth more than their weight in gold. And the person that can make good ones is invaluable.

Homemade Metal Arrowheads | Homemade arrow head photo abc002.jpg

Homemade arrow head Photo: Mild steel arrowhead shaped and then hardened. Also blued in oil. Then whipped in.

Medieval Arrows I love archery some poine like these would be a blast. I may yet purchase some.

Arrow heads top two are broadleaf. Bottom two are armour peircing. Centre used for cutting.

Hand forged medevil style arrowheads for hunting. These item's are SOLD. Käsin taottuja keskiaikaisen näköisiä nuolenkärkiä metsästykseen. Nämä esineet ovat MYYTY.

Medevil arrowheads by RMikkE

Hand forged japanese arrowheads in blued steel.

Hector Cole Blacksmith and expert in Medieveal Weaponry, swords and Archery.Commissions and Blacksmith training courses undertaken

su una lastra di spessore a scelta (2mm è un'ottima misura) :  - disegnare - tagliare - ricuocere - imbutire - allargare la parte centrale - limare/arrotondare i bordi - levigare - lucidare

How to make a wedding ring. by ~Vassilius on deviantART. I wish I owned a blow torch and a precise metal cutter.

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This type of Anglo-Saxon Iron Warfare Arrowhead is known as a bodkin. It has been known to have exceptional survival benefits when it came to invaders of the Anglo-Saxon villages.

Medieval Arrowhead Examples

How Armies Manufactured so Many Arrows for a Battle & How They Used Teenage Boys To Collect Arrows From The Dead Bodies – About History

FIRE BASKET ARROWHEAD Price: 47,03€ (10 units) The #firebasket #arrowhead is a throwing weapon of the middle ages used to set ablaze different targets from distance. Lenght: 13cm - Wide: 2cm - Cap: 8mm Handcrafted.

FIRE BASKET ARROWHEAD Price: units) The is a throwing weapon of the middle ages used to set ablaze different targets from distance.