Conceptual Illustrations by Davide Bonazzi

Davide Bonazzi is an illustrator from Bologna Italy. He mixes digital techniques with textures of scanned found objects, in order to give his bold conceptual illustrations a warm and evocative atmosphere.


65 Satirical Illustrations Show Our Addiction To Technology

Art is often a mirror, reflecting the social issues and problems of the day. With the rise of ubiquitous Internet, the smart phones, and other Internet enabled

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Brecht Vandenbroucke tackles society’s issues with imagination and humour.

More brilliant work by Antwerp-based illustrator Brecht Vandenbroucke (a personal favourite). Brecht Vandenbroucke’s Website


Top 20 des dessins satiriques de John Holcroft


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Risultati immagini per illustration on facebook

Taiwan-based artist Kai Ti Hsu has created impressive satirical illustrations with pessimist looks at our modern society and our relationship with social medias

Today, we have a look at some works of Kotryna (aka Kata), an editorial illustrator from Vilnius, Lithuania. Working worldwide, mostly on nerdy editorial subjects, such as science, technology, finances, data, etc. Inspired by geometry,…

A look at the Works of Kotryna Zukauskaite