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Such a shame they're on the bottom of the ocean....

Titanic Engines

Two of Titanic's engines lie exposed in a gaping cross section of the stern. Draped in "rusticles"--orange stalactites created by iron-eating bacteria--these massive structures, four stories tall, once powered the largest moving man-made object on Earth.

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Sitting room of the starboard parlor suite, Room was decorated in the Adams style, Credit: Wikimedia


Newspaper boy shortly after the Titanic's sinking, Kate and her sister Lella of "Divided Paths, Common Ground" learned of the Titanic sinking 2 days after it hit the iceberg. They lived in Lafayette, Indiana.

Titanic Freebie

Titanic Freebie

JANE: Titanic FREEBIE - This week marks the Anniversary of Titanic's maiden voyage and sinking. Here is a FREE packet to teach your kiddos all about this legendary ship. Included is this Titanic craft/booklet writing activity.

Titanic safety officer warned ship needed '50 percent more lifeboats.' - Telegraph #titanic

Titanic safety officer warned ship needed '50 per cent more lifeboats'

'Titanic 2020' -  the story of Lucky Jimmy Armstrong, a stowaway on the first sailing of the 'new' Titanic.  Inevitably the ship sails straight into a disaster, but this time not one of it's own making.It's a fast paced adventure, with plenty of humour. Jimmy and his girl 'friend' Claire run the ship newspaper as punishment for their bad behaviour on board, but end up chronicling the end of the world as we know it.If you have kids, the story is aimed at 8-12 year olds.

Colin Bateman is raising funds for Raise The Titanic! A new Titanic sets off on its maiden voyage - and sails straight into the end of the world as we know it!

Bye bye titanic 1912

Cool just watched a mini series about these people. People in Belfast bidding farewell to the ship they just built - the Titanic, 1912

Smoking room for gentlemen. Men could reach the room throughout the day, but especially after dinner. As the ladies room,it was decorated in Georgian style, with large panels of dark mahogany and inlaid with mother of pearl. To decorate the room, there were also large stained glass windows artificially lit, while the windows that looked out onto the open deck were decorated with scenes of ports around the world.

Titanic interior: Gentlemen's First Class smoking room. After dinner, the men would repair to this room to smoke and discuss politics over snifters of brandy and cognac. Make it a smaller and call it the drinking room, other than that's it's perfect.

“The Iceberg that Sunk Titanic”, rare photography taken by the captain of the Leyland Line steamer S. S. Etonian two days before Titanic collided with it. (9,75x8”)

On April Captain W. Wood aboard the steamer S. Etonian photographed a massive iceberg with a distinctive elliptical shape. Two days later, the “unsinkable” Titanic struck an iceberg and sank to bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Fountain Pen The Titanic-DNA Fountain Pens collection is limited to a series of 88 exquisitely handcrafted pieces only. In a tribute to the Titanic ship, the pens are crafted.

Memories: More than 100 years after Titanic sank, this violin has been confirmed as the one that played as the ship went down

Found, violin that was played as Titanic sunk: Instrument belonged to heroic band leader, tests confirm

Water-stained violin proven to be the one that played Nearer my God to Thee by brave bandmaster as the Titanic sank.