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New European Mosaic Floors Captured by Photographer Sebastian Erras (Colossal)

Balance Beam, Acrylics, Acrylic Nails, Acrylic Nail Designs

Казимир Малевич Супрематизм 1915

Reproduction with Oil painting effect of painting made by Malevich Kazimir - Suprematism 1915

Constructivist | Mesguich Mosaik

This mosaic of bold white, pitch black, dusty brown and fading grey culminate to form the picture of a circle cut in half. From up above, it might look more like a sphere.

Imaginary maps of nonexistent cities by Frederico Cortese

Federico Cortese - Codes - Imaginary Maps of Nonexistent Cities

Imaginary maps of nonexistent cities by Frederico Cortese. Imaginary Cities are the cognitive maps of philosophers, dreamers, and the foundation of all great cities. For at some point, they all began as an architecture of the imagination.

Eben Goff - Batholith Etching, Monoprint #B-9 | From a unique collection of abstract prints at http://www.1stdibs.com/art/prints-works-on-paper/abstract-prints-works-on-paper/ (like the idea of tissue paper collaged on a canvas  0

Eben Goff - Batholith Etching, Monoprint - Similar color of Cyanotype, but maybe luminous water color. Beautiful use of shaped control of colors.

Drawings by Mark A Reynolds Title: J.G. Ballard Folkert

Mu Series: Yellow Rising Stars 2004 in x in Pastel, colored pencils, and graphite on rag paper