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CH-47D Chinook in Afghanistan. Epic Skill!

This photo was taken by a soldier in Afghanistan of a helicopter rescue mission. The pilot is a PA National Guard guy who flies EMS choppers in civilian life. Now how many people on the planet you.

A Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter over the mountainous terrain of the North African desert in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan.

Netherlands - Royal Air Force - Boeing CH-47D Chinook (D-106)

Netherlands - Royal Air Force - Boeing Chinook Puma and Apache


My grandpa built the power steering control box for the Chinook helicopter in Montreal and did hydraulics testing for it too. He would then sneak it across the U.S border. He got caught and is now banned for life from the U.

160th SOAR Nightstalkers

A Night Stalker Crewchief fires an Minigun mounted in the cabin of an


This is what a Chinook on steroids looks like. SOAR "Night Stalkers" - Photo taken at Tulsa - International (Municipal) (TUL / KTUL) in Oklahoma, USA on April

Follow this panel in the Pintrest and see photos, news and facts about aircraft of all time. Icons, ideas and incredible designs and prototypes as well. Helicopters and rockets included.  Siga este painel no Pintrest e fique por dentro de tudo sobre aviões de todos os tempos. Também protótipos, projetos, idéias e aeronaves ícones da aviação militar e civil. Helicópteros e foguetes também. Notícias.  Clique na foto para ir ao site!

Chinook Dropping low enough in the water to allow a zodiac with a platoon to drive it right into the cargo bay.trick is being able to judge how much water you have onboard.too much and you are staying there.

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