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Yes!! <3

great feelings: when your crush likes you back, when the waitress brings your food, finding out school is closed for a snow day, when someone remembers details about you

I hate this..and even more embarrassing if it is a strict teacher

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I hate this.and even more embarrassing if it is a strict teacher so true

I hate school SOOO much right now! I was absent Monday and Tuesday this week and now I pretty much have homework and junk in EVERY subject, including electives. I'm still recovering from a stupid cold from Monday. I have tutoring this morning & this afternoon for 2 of my classes and idk what to do about this stress!!!!!!!

I have high standards because country music taught me how a lady should be treated<<<. country music in my opinion is no where near accurate to how a girl should be treated the music is good but the lyrics for most are crappy.

and katie was cursed and myrtle was killed and, do i need to go on any further because i have a pretty long list here‍♀️

Teenager Post Dear People who question why girls go to the bathroom together, Hermione from HarryPotter went alone and got attacked by a troll.

A very happy puddle

Unless its that creepy annoying guy in your class. he'd just ruin it-----> lolz. I can totally relate.

And why does this always happen when guys text me first.

I hate how the 6th graders don't get dress coded for their crop tops and booty shorts like WHAT?? If I wear a freakin tank top with a sweater I get dress coded!!!!

I never wore Aeropostale either.

See, this ain't me. I can't talk to people in mcdonalds, but I'll just start blabbing to my crush like he's my best friend

How do people approach their crush I don't even have the guts to ask for an extra ketchup in McDonalds.

So true

So Relatable - Relatable Posts, Quotes and GIFs virginia woolf's the waves, Anais nin's novel of the future & diaries.

teenager post Then you are like one of those minions. Whaaaa??

i always feel like this! and you know its going to be even worse when your teacher says, referring to the homework, "your test will be exactly the same as your homework" thats like teacher code for a bunch of stuff you never learned.

umm the guy (was sitting across from me) i liked acctually said that he thought that i liked someone else but i said i didn't like anyone really then my friend was sitting next to him and said she likes the person sitting across from her and idk if he believes her but who knows

Most Awkward Moments. Im pretty sure ALL of these have happened to me :/

gotta get up AGAIN

Used to hate that, but now I can't get comfortable and pee times a night. Oh the joys of pregnancy :)


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Lol so true!

That 'kill me' moment when you think you're done washing the dishes and you turn around and see those pots on the stove. Or ten kiddie cups in random places.especially when the dish washer is full!

LOL funny but soo true

girls need to start looking for guys who have goals ambitions and an education because 10 years from now swag isn’t going to pay the bills

Love it!!

I might seem like a sweet girl but when it comes to tickling I will knock u out