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We have a strategic plan ready for you in our new goal setting workbook!  Get it!     goalsforall.com   goalsforall.blogspot.com

We have a strategic plan — it’s called doing things. (print from Baltimore Print Studios)

Death by PowerPoint

Most speakers and presenters misuse PowerPoint (A. death by PowerPoint). Get do’s and don’ts to make PowerPoint work for you.

The Third Fire Motivation shifts when ambition is replaced by meaning. An inner fire is sparked, often in the third stage of life, propelling individuals to use their time, experience and wisdom to improve the world. We call this burning desire to infuse action with meaning the Third Fire.  “It has to have fire, or I won’t do it” – Angeles Arrien from Get Real! Wise Women Speak

An inner fire propels extraordinary women to use their wisdom to change the world.

dr no

James Bond title sequence from Dr. No Directed by Terence Young Starring Sean Connery, Joseph Wiseman, Ursula Andress Title sequence designed by Mauri.

pretty sure this is my life right about now!  and you know what.....no regrets!

“Worry less smile more accept criticism take responsibility listen & love don’t hate embrace change feel good anyway.

From grotesque to quirky: a history of Berlin told through U-Bahn typography

Berlin’s Fehrbelliner Platz sign - Nov.

Boa noite - @um_diletante- #webstagram

Boa noite - @um_diletante- #webstagram

L is for Loosers

L is for Looser - Franchise Animated

I was looking for some ways to improve my memory naturally I found an article which showed the 10 best herbs which will enhance memory function.

You could protect your brain from too much needs of the modern-day world or even safeguard it from brain related illness, such as dementia or Alzheimer& by eating some of the natural herbs that are recognized to enhance the function of the brain.

The Thing (1982) title

John Carpenter's first big studio film came with a big studio composer in the legendary form of Ennio Morricone.