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Risultati immagini per JU 87 A

World War II - Junkers Stuka - a disaster when put against the P 51 Mustang or Spitfire, slow and vulnerable. But good if no real opposition was around.

Arado E 555-10 y E 555-11

original caption reads "Never-build German heavy bomber concepts, all created for the Amerika Bomber project. Notice how many of these designs bear resemblance to subsequent early cold war models from America and Britain.

Junkers "Ground Attack" Project

Junkers "Ground Attack" Project

Junkers Ju87 Stuka

Stuka Junkers ~ BFDthis airplane has been listed by many authors is one of the top 25 most influential aircraft during the second world war.

Focke Wulf Fw Ta 183 "Huckebein". Some became god fathers of Pulke, some - of MiG-15, some - of F-86 Sabre.

The German Focke-Wulf Huckebein was a jet-powered fighter aircraft designed as the successor to the Messerschmitt and other day fighters in Luftwaffe service during World War II. Only a few proto-types were developed.

Indiana Jones Nazi Flying Wing by bagera3005.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Raiders of the Lost Ark Nazi Flying Wing The German-built Flying Wing aircraft was part of the Nazi contingent deployed to Tanis in Its experimental shape had a forward cockpit for the pilot .

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