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Do any of these scenarios apply to you? You feel you can do much better than what you are doing now. Get the Ballet Flexibility Training Combo, train by yourse

Ballet and Dancer Flexibility - Dance Stretches Combo

Ballet - Dance COMBO Would you like effortless turn outs, graceful developpe and arabesque, strong and flexible ankles?

5 Positive and Nurturing Benefits of Ballet for Children

5 Positive and Nurturing Benefits of Ballet for Children

If you're considering ballet lessons for your girl, here are a few more reasons to be convinced of the positive and nurturing benefits your child can receive.

Пока я танцую-я живу.

// NIKE ARC ANGELS (Pointe shoe training) what the heck? Where were these when I needed them? I mean Nike point shoes! How awesome it that?

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I miss dance.

How to Ballet Dance: Step by Step Tutorial

ballet figures (good for beginner classes/visualization) already took ballet class but still thought it was cool :)

Increasing flexibility in your back...yoga, stretching and barre

Improving Back Flexibility

Improve your back flexibility, Stretch your back, Dancers stretches, Work out stretch for Dance, Exercises to increase your back flexibility


You know, just a few things a ballet dancer thinks about with EVERY movement. Or any kind if dancer for that matter.

scottishhighlanddancer:  Beautiful.

World Champion Morgan Bamford from Newzeland

beautiful dance.

Prima Studio barre leggings for your fitness, ballet, or Flashdance-style workout. The plié leggings are calling my name!