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Как посмотришь на эти картины, страшно в поликлинику идти...

lavativa - enema - in the Middle Ages. The guy with the bulb looks like he is having far too much fun!

Bandage instructions from two medical encyclopedias, 1813

☤MD ☞ ☆☆☆ Anatomy illustrations from Edo-period Japan, Bandage instructions from medical encyclopedia,

northernvikinggirl: “ loresseintes: “ “The dance of the Sabbath”, illustration from the Dictionnaire Infernal by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy (1818) ” Sabbath is soon!! ”

vulturehooligan: Jaques Augstine Simon’s representation of a devil’s frog kicking habit is seen clearly in this illustration from the Dictionarie Infernal,

Dansend boerenpaar, man geeft over, Hans Sebald Beham, 1537 - Details-Collected Works of Marion McNealy - All Rijksstudio's - Rijksstudio - ...

A couple dancing to left; the male figure at right vomitting; from a series of twelve engravings. Engraving made by Sebald Beham, Germany, .

La Autopsia en el Arte: Ilustración para Anatomía, (1345),un texto de Guido da Vigevano (1280-1349)

La Autopsia en el Arte: Ilustración para Anatomía, (1345),un texto de Guido da Vigevano (1280-1349)

Mass Hysteria! Or Mass psychotic illness!  It’s a mysterious– and still unknown-- psychological illness that mysteriously manifests in a group of people! And it spreads quickly! The most recent case was in 2012 and involved a group of teens at a high school in upstate New York. Symptoms included twitching movements and verbal outbursts similar to that of Tourette’s syndrome.  Incidents of  mass hysteria have been chronicled for hundreds of years.  It’s the subject of...(click link to read…

Engraving by Hendrik Hondius portraying three women affected by the Dancing Plague. The Dancing Plague (or Dance Epidemic) of 1518 was a case of dancing mania that occurred in Strasbourg, Alsace (then.

Gilgamesh the Hunter, a relief from Khorsabad, now in the Louvre. This ancient epic was actually a story of Orion the Hunter, and the precessional battle with Taurus.

Gilgamesh - In Mesopotamian mythology, he is demigod (two-thirds god and one-third man) with superhuman strength. The lion looks like a little cat!

Love this image.  The difference between a healthy, normal waist and a waist that has been shaped by a corset.

Image from Nové Domácí Léčení, date unknown.Goal is 18 inch waist.

La danse macabre  Ce thème a été reproduit en de nombreux endroits. Le plus célèbre était peint sur les murs du cimetière des Innocents à Paris, avec des textes de Gerson.  Le sujet : des couples de figures, un mort qui saisit un vivant, 32 personnages . Tous les états de vie y figurent, du pape à l'empereur, jusqu'au laboureur et à l'enfant. Tout homme est mortel, tous sont égaux devant la mort. Tous seront jugés selon leurs mérites  Le cimetière a été détruit en 1633, mais la danse macabre…

Death makes new friends, or century. The skeleton with the dark patch on his belly isn't a skeleton, but a dried-out partially decayed corpse, probably washed from an overcrowded (five or six deep) Parisian grave during a storm.