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Uzbekistan | Woman's multipurpose cosmetic 'tools' pendant.

Bukhara: Copper-chasing, Gold Jewellery and the Turki Jandi Mausoleum

Uzbekistan | "Bibishak" frontal-temporal ornament; silver gilt, turquoise, coral and glass | 19th century | 750$

Frontal-temporal ornament made of gilt silver, turquoise, coral and glass worn either on the forehead or as a pendant.

Bukhara Earrings, Uzbekistan 1900

(Uzbekistan) Pair of Gold Earrings. Gold filigree, ruby and pearls. ca 1900 CE.

Uzbekistan | Earrings from Bukhara.  Silver, turquoise, ruby, emerald, pearls | 600€

The jewelry manufactures of Bukhara, use precious stones such as ruby and emerald roots in the earliest ornaments.

Uzbekistan | Antique Bukhara earrings; silver, gilt silver, turquoise and coral | ca. early 1900s | 1,125$

Get these extraordinary Antique Bukhara Earrings handcrafted in Uzbekistan and more Great Collectible Tribal Jewelry at Tribal Muse.

Central Asia | Braid ornament; silver and carnelian. Ersari Turkoman || Bir collection

Braid ornament, silver and carnelian , Ersari Turkoman (Bir collection )

Central Asia or Iran. Crown from the late 19th to early 20th century. Silver, with silver shot, table-cut carnelians, turquoise beads, and gilded loop-in-loop chains with pendants.

Headdress, late century Central Asia or Iran Silver, table–cut carnelians, turquoise beads, silver gilded link chain

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Great antique textile virtual-artifacts: “ Antique Silk Ikat Robe from Uzbekistan Central Asia, circa 1850 ”