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I had the cord yesterday and I was blasting tøp with my mom<<< One time my mom said to not play "that annoying band of yours" so I played the Dora theme song on repeat. Fight me

Hello my name is DJ spooky Jim and I have the aux cord now so you're going to be listening to my fifteen hour long Twenty One Pilots playlist, Enjoy. GO GET EM SPOOKY

Twenty One pilots (Memes 2) - Meme - Wattpad

Twenty One pilots (Memes 2) - Meme


at my concert tyler said something about josh liking people before he gets to know them and tyler hating people before he gets to know them and i think this sums that part of their personalities up pretty well

They're best friends>>>the best part is that they're probably sitting next to each other or in the same room as they tweet

Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works

Love the Emo Trinity, Twenty One Pilots, or are you just a band fanatic in general? Me too. Follow @heyJuliaGrace03 for more on our favorite bands, and I'll follow you back! Pøwer tø the fairly løcal dreamer |-/

This is funny and Jesus fuck josh looks rlly good in that pic and Tyler looks like he's ready to smack a bitch with his ukelele

Blurryface summary

Okay, but Lane Boy isn't rap hard at all compared to Ode To Sleep.<<< same I still fumble one part of ode to sleep but I had lane boy down in one night

Panic! at the Disco Brendon's randomness :)

17 Reasons Emo Boys Will Always Rule Your Heart <<<< well they aren't emo but okay i do love Brendon Urie