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Pokemon Tumblr Compilation: I'm About To Squirtle All Over Them Jigglypuffs

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That first one made me laugh for an unhealthy amount of time.

Cynthia in Best Wishes. I like this look but I like her black suit too...

Cynthia's new look in B/W Rival Destinies

When Starting a New Pokemon Game

When Starting a New Pokemon Game


We all waited for that moment when, that worthless fish (that some of us were suckered into paying 500 Pok'edollars for) evolved into one of my personal favorite Kanto Pokemon.

Pokémon - Adele set fire to the rain

[Image - 246624]

Weepinbell, of course, hates fire as a Grass-type Pokemon & probably hates Adele right now.


This is just one reason why I hate Wobbuffet. It must be pretty tough when you look like a constipated dildo. Even if it is a decoy.

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