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How a Menstrual Cup can change your life                                                                                                                                                     More

Let’s Talk About Disability, Periods, and Alternative Menstrual Products

12 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Retreat! Awesome infographic by Jennie, author of The Creative Retreat Workbook.

Learn how to DIY your own personal retreat through this book by author, Jennie Moraitis. The Creative Retreat will be your companion for creativity, retreats, and joy!

Are You Ready to Launch Your Lead Generation Team? 6 Questions to Ask Before you Do... | Infographic

Outbound lead generation is a key component of any company’s marketing strategy, helping it to identify highly qualified prospects in target segments and ultimately build the sales funnel. Learn about all of the tough questions to ask here

A Peace Lily Planter

Our Peace Lilies are delivered in a conservative ceramic pot, perfect for any home or office. The Peace lily is an appropriate gift for house warming parties, offices, sympathy related occasions, or "just because.

Making sure you close the deal

Making sure you close the deal

Shane Bohannon is an award-winning sales executive with over 15 years of sales development and sales management.

Water color lion

Looking at the current trend among men and women to get such tattoos inked, I have dedicated today's post that showcases water color tattoo ideas that.