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Riding Centuries Makes You Smarter  https://www.bicycling.com/training/motivation/riding-centuries-makes-you-smarter

Riding Centuries Makes You Smarter

Sustained aerobic exercise—the kind we get on those long, luxurious bike rides—builds your brain.

Best Bicycle Rides in Every State

The Best Bike Ride in Every State: From climbs over majestic mountain passes to blissful Sunday beach cruises, truly great cycling routes can be found in all 50 states, from Maine to Hawaii. Make plans to ride as many as you can.

If you decide to hop on that bike and cycle, you should know how to keep yourself safe in the saddle. Read safe and healthy cycling tips for longrides

Cycle Your Way To Weight Loss And Health, Let’s face it – most of us live incredibly stressful lives full …

Medical costs are not an issue of “if,” but “when.”

Ignoring These Health Issues In Your 40s Could Cost You Thousands

Robert Chevalier à vélo au Témiscamingue  Photo: Mathieu Dupuis www.mathieudupuis.com

Robert Chevalier à vélo au Témiscamingue Photo: Mathieu Dupuis www.mathieudupuis.com

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A little pre-planning can go a long way: These tips could help save your life in a bicycle crash.

Jane Whiting Chrzanoska, 1948 ~ Intrique

Jane Whiting Chrzanoska, 1948

Cicloturismo en el #valledelecrin

A new study shows that only a few minutes of high-power, concentrated exercise will increase calorie burn, despite a shorter amount of time spent doing hard work.

La Route Verte, Quebec

Offical Opening of Longest Bike Path Network in North America

Iles de la Madeleine

Iles de la madeleine - Canadian Destination that I want to see! Summer road trip maybe?

5 Skills Every Beginning Cyclist Should Master

Scott Simon’s bio on the NPR website describes him as “one of America’s most admired writers and broadcasters,” and it’s tough to argue with that. As a Peabody-winning journalist with decades of…