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I'm just a girl

I so live this quote lite this is so true about me.

I've learned that if I decide not to get people involved or I don't talk about the situation at hand that I'm always to blame and am 100% guilty. I actually wear that blame proudly and give no fucks about what anyone thinks because if it didn't involve them in the first place, I don't plan on them being involved in the end. #ItStaysBetweenMeAndThatONEperson #OurDramaIsTheirEntertainment #HereComesTheIToldYouSos *insert eye roll *

the toxic person. They live in a blissful world where nothing is ever their responsibility. When bad things happen, it is because the world is against them! When they are raging abuse at you, it is because YOU made them angry.

Who I am Today

Self-Acceptance Quote: If you want to love me now, then you have to learn to love my past. Because the struggles I went through yesterday made me who I am today.

So true

Jackie's Story - Follow-up to Can-You Ever-Go-Back (part fact, part fiction)

† ♥ ✞ ♥ † We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason. † ♥ ✞ ♥ † I do believe God does send people in our life .

YES!!! Very fulfilled!

A relationship with God is the best relationship you can have. It Is The Most Important Relationship I Will Ever Have. It Is True!

A Vixen's Journey to Life - How the Coward Became the Bully - Day 355

How the Coward Became The Bully. DAY 355

Quotes Picture: putting people down does not make you a powerful and strong person it makes you a bully a coward and eventually alone in life

Definetly true

There’s always a little truth behind every “Just Kidding”, a little knowledge behind every “I Don’t Know”, a little emotion behind every “I Don’t Care”, and a little pain behind every “It’s OK”

This is a quote from Ben Franklin.  I pinned it because I love the quote and will use it in my class.

Weekend Inspiration: Tell Me and I Forget, Teach Me and I...