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“This works really well at work.

Sadly sometimes I feel like this

(As frustrated as I sometimes get by the stupid people I talk to on my job. I have to also be grateful that they keep me in a job!) Can I say that for my job too?

the 36th avenue 25 handmade gifts under $5 | Silent Sunday - my favourite Pinterest pins this week - Claire K ...

OMG this is so annoying to me when people say PACIFIC in place of specific! Learn to pronounce your words!

So that's why I can't sleep! :-)

I used to sleep well until nursing school.so becoming a nurse literally made me more intelligent, which explains why so many things in my life changed!

I don't want to be a grown up anymore. It's not nearly as much fun as it was supposed to be.

When your a kid all you want to do is grow up.then when you grow up all you want is to be a kid again. Life is soooo much easier when your a kid!

I deserve a bonus for making it through the week ...

I deserve a bonus! This is soooooo me, especially at my job where forks are in abundance!

Prince Charles chasing a little girl, makes me laugh every time XD

Corners of the internet are pretty excited this morning about a photo making the rounds, one that seems to show dowdy old Prince Charles of England gleefully chasing a honey boo boo-esque child who is holding a bottle of bubbles.