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Could be an awesome engagement photo with the guy holding a bible instead of a book :)))! Maybe Not laying down but sitting in his lap

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.”  ― William W. Purkey

19 Kisses Captured At The Perfect Moment: Marlene Dietrich kisses a GI as he arrives home from World War II in this is just a heart warming beautiful photo.

I've never been so happy

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Do a photo of the baby with the main craving you had!  Pin found by Freebies-For-Baby.com

Inspiration For New Born Baby Photography : OMG love this: photograph your baby with the main craving you had during pregna

Một lần cô nói: “Trong giấc mơ em cũng mơ thấy anh.”Tôi cười bảo: “Người ta nói mơ mà nhớ lại được thì không phải là mơ đâu. Đó là thực, đã xảy ra rồi hoặc sắp xảy ra thôi.”Cô im lặng.Cô về với người cô yêu. Tôi đứng nhìn theo từ xa, qua một góc phố, sau một cột đèn vàng. Tình cờ bắt gặp, cô không thấy tôi, cô cười rạng ngời một đoạn đường cô đi. Tôi lùi lại sau bóng tối lặng lẽ ngắm hình bóng cô, châm vội cho mình một điếu thuốc. Trời mùa đông khói cuộn lên như làn s...

forehead kisses over any other kisses. // this picture reminds me of you. i miss your stupid forehead kisses and your lingering hugs.

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Another little divergent thing~Bucket list~ Reading with Caleb. ^^^This would be awesome

15 Signs The Two Of You Are Simply Meant To Be

A reminder via Texturism Romance is uplifting. Photo via outofhabit. True love is the companionable silence of two lovers reading. Photo via Exhale Romance is spending all day in bed. With food.

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A jewellery design house based in Auckland, NZ, specialising in engagement rings, wedding bands, and custom made jewellery.

Image result for couple portraits

Image result for couple portraits

TT - Somehow I can feel the gentleness through this photo - love the backdrop too. X

9 Signs You've Found The Man You Should Make Your Husband

Most couples feel the spark fade the longer they've been together. Here are some easy ways for you to rekindle your romance and keep communication open in your relationship.

Learn to shoot in manual TODAY!  Great article that explains it in the simplest form! - www.colorvaleactions.com #editing #photography #photoshop #photoshopactions #elements

Learn How To Shoot In Manual Mode - ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture

Tips on creating depth of field, shooting manual, exposure fixes. Interesting take on using Shutter and ISO to set the exposure and Aperture only for depth of field.