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Gene x Reader

Are they from a specific anime/manga? - YumiKuri <<< Shingeki No Kyojin Historia Reiss x Ymir

Eu te odiei

I'm going to take a big guess and say that thyr from watamote, especially since I don't have many respond there yet

Anime couple

manga boy cute blush and girl hug Kanojo Wa Mada Koi wo Shiranai shizuki fujisawa couple shoujo lov romance sleep sleeping angry

Boooooooar das kenn ich sogar xD

ADOPTEDThis is Lily and jake they are both 13 Lily loves jake and jake likes lily but he won't admit it they are both quiet and sweet adopt?

Presente criativo - Ideias criativas - Foto Reprodução

Ideias criativas: marido registra um ano de casamento em ilustrações