Newest Zootopia comic (by Rem289) <-- THIS WAS AMAZING

Newest Zootopia comic (by Rem289)

Newest Zootopia comic (by Omg I shouldn't ship this but I do and I can't stop XD

best cop

Zootopia by Rem 289 aawwee never thought Nick would be the jealous type tho xD

 butterfly spirit

Too much emotions at Drawing. Try NOT throwing the drawing tablet, use the Fox 😂

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Black Jack 1 Encounter - Part 2 (yaaaasss) (i think this' the last part ) (UuuUu…

This is the first time I post something on Tumblr XD Just some dumb imagination after watching the famous movie Zootopia. Hope you enjoy~ And…I finally sign up a Tumblr account. It’s one of my dream that I can share my works and feel the same...

But I think Nick don't need to be always jealous, for Judy is just doing what she needs to do as a cop.


Chapter 1 Page 39 Finally at long last another page! ANNYYWAAYYY, you can thank for inspirin. Uru's Reign Part Chapter Page 39