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6. West End Overlook

Here Are 8 Stunning Places To Watch The Sun Set In Pittsburgh That Will Blow You Away

Pittsburgh provides the ideal backdrop for spectacular sunsets. Here are the eight best places to watch the sun set in Pittsburgh.

The Walking, Magical Mystery Scavenger Tour of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh ~ Gateway to the West and steel center of the world. Named for William Pitt by Gen. Forbes after the fall of French Fort Duquesne in Laid out as a town by John Campbell in Incorporated as a city,

There were two Isaly's near us, one in Homestead and one in Duquesne Village in West Mifflin.  I always went to the one in Homestead with my Baba or with my Mom when I had a doctor's appointment in Oakland.  Nothing like chipped ham and those skyscraper cones!  Those were the days.

Isaly's in Pittsburgh! Think of a great ham salad sandwich, chipped ham, a real ice cream sundae, Root Beer Floats, and Klondike's!