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Ciel Phantomhive Contacts!!! (Black Butler) - YouTube

My new Ciel phantomhive contacts from Alice and the rabbit shop on and in action. Sorry i actually do not have an unboxing video, i accidentally deleted it a.

WHAT. WHAT. GIMME GIMME GIMME. I want to see this so bad!!!!!

7 Popular Anime Series that EVERYONE is Watching. Are You?

Wand of Fortune/ Est Rinaudo manga Anime reminds me of Black Butler

✿CaitiJoey✿ // eyes // blue // open // up // beautiful // photography // reflection // aesthetic

the wise ravenclaw

Bloody love his eye I want a contact like it so bad but I'm only 11 and don't need any I can see just fine

Sebastian and Ciel - Black Butler - Kuroshitsuji

Wow i'ts so prettyyyyy! (≧∇≦)/                                                                                                                                                     More

Ciel Phantomhive eye make-up Black Butler Cosplay

You see this caption a lot with Sebastian... But it fits Ciel, too.

Devils and Angels- Ciel Phantomhive❤️

"As long as we are bound by the contract, you will never lose sight of me." Sebastian Michaelis & Ciel Phantomhive; His Butler, Performing - Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus E01 #BlackButler

"As long as we are bound by the contract, you will never lose sight of me. His Butler, Performing - Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

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I'm starting up an Anime board bc my last account had one and I completely forgot that I didn't have one here oops

Those sad eyes are they really mine when I look at my reflection I see someone else staring back at me someone who has no life left in them someone who has fallen and heard their enemy say checkmate.

Ciel Black Butler kuroshitsuji, his eyes😍😍

Cosplays Kuroshitsuji


Oh my goodnessgracianias. this Cosplay for Kuroshitsuji aka "Black Butler" is so perfect it brings a tear to my eyes.>>yeah it's a really good cosplay

@avrildearg wow xP thanks, I thought I had already pinned this

This is like a steampunk version of Ciel from Black Butler.

Forever #kuroshitsuji ( hold on if it is forever i DEMAND forever kuroshitsujji all of there adventures serving people under contract and reaping there rewards there's potential in that i don't usually say this because everything should have an end but I WANT MORE

Kuroshitsuji Photo: Ciel and Sebastian

Wallpapers — Black Butler Wallpapers for gerardwaysassyass

Ciel — Black Butler Wallpapers for gerardwaysassyass

Ciel is a boss. He's like Gothic Lolita chibi Kaiba with an eye patch. YEAH I SAID IT. YOU SHALL NEVER UNSEE IT.

He's a powerful boy

This part was cute. Book of Circus.          Ciel looks like he has soft hands not gonna lie

Anime: Black Butler Book of Circus.