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5 Seconds Of Summer unveil poster for new music video ‘Don’t Stop .OMG I this song! <<< Michael is the only one who looks like a real superhero! The other just look like giant dorks!

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Hahahahahahahaha awwwwwwwwwe <<< Minus the fact that I don't get the joke lol this is freakin' adorable Zadrima

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I was laughing the whole time not to mention whn I remembered ashton in target oh gosh im giggling like a cow on drugs<<<< This FAM thou

i can't believe it's been a year since don't stop it literally feels like it was such a short time ago

My Dad doesn't have a costume idea yet for Halloween, honestly thinking of dressing him up as CalPal, Mike-ro-wave, Smash, or Dr.I have to say who ever made this would have to have a cool dad if he would wear a 5 sos costume.

Why isn't anybody talking about dat fan? Dat fan tho.. SO FABULOUS!

Popbuzz reports, Could we soon see the boys playing at one of the heaviest events in the music calendar? 5 Seconds Of Summer could be set to play their weirdest gig ever after Slipknot's Corey Taylor .

Here's my lock screen

This is why you should never leave me alone with my favourite band and tape.

Cartoon Drawings 5SOS Don't Stop | 5SOS - Don't Stop by xoloves

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Pearson: so what is your fav superhero? me: mike-or-wave Pearson: what? me: shows pic Pearson: ok as they back away slowly then sprints to out the door me: come back u need to now more about ← YES THATS SO ME!

the aesthetic oml

the aesthetic oml << is it dodie yellow tho?<<< it's great that I'm part of both the Dodie fandom and the Twenty one pilots fandom or I wouldn't of got this <<< THE DUCK THO

 the best one is how the mom sees him bahaha

My friends hate him and call him "Andy Beer Belly". I wanted to sucker punch them in the face and sing/scream "youth and whisky" til they died. NO ONE INSULTS MY ANDY


Read "what if - heyy guys im writing my first fanfic i hope you like it and if your reading it on your phones im sorry for the spacing issues im working on fixing it but please dot let that stop you from reading!