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Freire Photography is Miami Photographer. Fashion, Portraits, Commercial and Real Estate Photography. The main is destination luxury Wedding Photography.

Photography Business Tips ~ Streamlining Photography Client Meetings  Add more hours to your day! Business Tips for Photographers

Photography Business Tips ~ Streamlining Photography Client Meetings

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To be a photographer.and this goes for painting, writing, music, etc. NO amount of money, college classes or who you know makes up for the pure passion/ true talent of the artist ;) True artists are starving artists.

Just because you own a camera, it doesn't mean you're a photographer... A quante persone potremmo girarla questa, @Isabelle Choi Chiara Bernardi? :)

Anyone can push a button but a professional photographer creates a image that the average user wouldn't otherwise be able to capture.

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Speaking to the Viewer. Love this quote because it's what we want people to feel when they see the pictures we take.

"When a photograph speaks to its viewer, the viewer does not know the cost of the camera used or the years of experience of the photographer using it.

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