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"Edison's Phonograph - Or Talking Machine" advertisement poster.  The phonograph/record player/gramophone, were invented during America's Gilded Age, in c.1877. The American inventor was: Thomas Alva Edison, (1847-1931). ~ {cwlyons} ~ (Image/collection: Smithsonian American Art Musuem)

Edison's Phonograph poster, Smithsonian American Art Museum Phonograph/record player/ Gramophone was invented during the Gilded Age by Edison in

Good for one 30min trip back in time.

Good for one trip back in time.


February 07 2016 at 01:08AM tomorrowandbeyond...

February 07 2016 at tomorrowandbeyond.

This makes me laugh and laugh.

Dorothy Butchard on

After Thousands of Years, Earth's Frozen Life Forms Are Waking Up

By the 1820s morphine was a popular anodyne, or soother. Morphine was also, however, a prime method of Victorian suicide. Morphine was six times as potent as opium. It was commercially available, and many upper and middle class patients purchased morphine from doctors and injected themselves daily with newly developed needles. This 'morphinism' was unbounded by legal or social guidelines, and many morphine addicts were unaware of their addiction.

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By the morphine was a popular anodyne, or soother. Morphine was also…