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Soo sweet :)

if you buy me ice cream I will like you. if you buy me flowers I will really like you. If you buy me a heart-shaped necklace I will love you. and if you buy me any engagement ring I will sure as heck love you forever all starts with ice cream :)

You can have all my kisses

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Dating a hood dude

New Year's kiss! yes please!!  New Years has always been my favorite...hopefully this year is a good one...gotta end my year right!!    New Years kiss tho...not sure yet lols.

New Year's Eve Ideas

New Year's kiss! New Years has always been my favorite.hopefully this year is a good one.gotta end my year right! New Years kiss tho.not sure yet lols.

Inside "Love Letters of Great Men." I'd seriously die....I love this idea!

Amazing proposal idea, inside her favorite book. But you better get a new copy cos if you cut my book up, I will mess you up.<---So much truth in that statement. Love the idea but don't you DARE use my book.

To the  moon and back...  We always have said this and of course he goes on and on with his extras of "and more than this or that"!  Haha.  It's still just too funny u are walking around with his name on u when w damn sure didn't want u to and u just won't stop!   Girl get u a man!

This makes me think of my mama! She always tells me "I love you to the moon and back" but I'm sure she loves me more! I know my love for my daughter far surpasses one trip to the moon! :) My Mama, she's an amazing woman!

i keep falling in love every time i read this

What if we are the answer and love was the question?of one thing I am certain: it will always be you that gives flight to the butterflies inside me. If life is the question mark, then you my love, are the period typed with certainty.

Made the greatest connect the first time you meet someone  that will value your connection for a life time.

Made the greatest connect the first time you meet someone that will value your connection for a life time.

Soo sweet

sad on

Dear future husband please surprise me like this



Every day

I want this

This sounds so familiar. hmm.... :)

awww i thought this was adorable :) North maybe because of the I like you

Im a guy but this is true for you girls.

Live Life Quote and Teenage Life Quotes are here - Date your Love - Quotes

You don't just stop loving someone....If you loved them when they were there, you always will. Un-conditional love:) It works both ways.

I will forever love you Robert!

soooooo sweet!! my man loves me without conditions!

no matter what, more than anything or anyone, & for the rest of our days= he tells me repeatedly when I doubt my worth or sometimes just because he wants to be sure I don't forget. I love him

No second guessing!!!!

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