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That Muppet Babies is greatest cartoon of all time (sorry, Rugrats). | 50 Things Only ’80s Kids Can Understand

The Muppet Babies, cartoon series of the Muppets as babies! I used to love love looovve this show but I was scared of the real Muppets on the Muppet Show for some reason :s

muppet babies pictures - I remember when they were babies

Muppet Babies (puppets)

Favorite cartoon ever: Muppet Babies. Seriously, I LOVED the "Muffet" Babies as a kid.

Muppet Babies (1987) | The 25 Greatest Happy Meal Toys Of The ’80s

The 25 Greatest Happy Meal Toys Of The Gotta' love the Muppet Babies and McDonald's!

muppet babies | MuppetBabies-BabyAnimal

Baby Animal

Baby Animal, the most unruly of the title characters on Muppet Babies, is an infant version of.

Muppet Babies stickers by Hallmark, 1985

Muppet Babies stickers (Hallmark)

Handmade Muppet Hats: Can you say, muppet babies?! These are too adorable. Thanks to Swiss Miss for the great find.

The BritList: Tetris Lighting, Muppet Babies & More

Muppet Babies McDonald's Happy Meal toys of the 1980's.

You Have To See What's For Sale In These 10 Unique Ohio Stores. They're One Of A Kind.

Muppet Babies Happy Meal toys: Had them all and I didn't even like the Muppet Babies. Because that's just what you did with Happy Meal toys; you collected them whether you liked them or not and freaked out if Mom dared to suggest you let a few go.

Baby Gonzo from the Muppet Babies

Baby Gonzo

Baby Gonzo is the Muppet Babies version of Gonzo. As with his adult counterpart, he has an.

Muppet Babies Characters - Film Animation Cartoon HD

The Muppet Babies seems to keep coming up recently: on a list of memorable theme songs, in conversation, on Orange is the New Black.

McDonald's Muppet Christmas plush toys - I had Piggy and my brother had Fozzie.

Used to have these Muppet Babies Christmas toy. I think they came from McDonalds.Happy Meal Toys used to be so much cooler when I was a kid.

"Muppet Babies, we make our dreams come true. Muppet Babies, we'll do the same for you." Please tell me I'm not the only one that remembers the song.

Muppet Babies

"Muppet Babies, we make our dreams come true. Muppet Babies, we'll do the same for you. Loved this show!

McDonald's Muppet Babies Holiday

Old School and Proud. So what? - Page 100

McDonalds Trayliner Placemat - Jim Hensons Muppet Babies - 1988 Christmas I still have my baby kermit ♥

Muppet Babies!    I wanted to see Nanny's face so badly.

I LOVED the Muppet Babies! Remember nobody EVER saw the Nanny's face.only the babies did!