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book cover design - How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer by Debbie Millman, designer Rodrigo Corral, typeface Mercury Text

How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer. Take a peek inside the heads of some of the world’s greatest living graphic designers. How do they think, how do they connect to others, what special skills do they have?

justlucky | This summer I had the opportunity to do my own...

Amazing typography Wedding Invitation by Drew Melton

Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect. [queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, LGBT]

PLEASE Don’t judge … something to ponder ….

it could say condem because juding isn't a bad thing. We always judge and that's a good thing - we judge the food we want to eat, the choices we make, the people we hang out with. The difficulty is being able to judge without condeming others judgement.

Hand-painted signs by Nicolai Sclater

Los rótulos de Nicolai Sclater

Conifers and hand painted signs in one go!

Handmade Circus Type :   That "Circus" type is a font called "Nelma"  but i think the rest of it like Summer, creative, and o'clock is handwritten!

Summer Circus Invitation By Kelly Thorn

Sign Painting Colection by Caetano Calomino, via Behance

Caetano Calomino is a sign painter and illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Now days we live in a digital age and its very refreshing to see such great art work done by hand.

Carnival Poster

Incredible Carnival Themed Invitation Wording and carnival party invitations free

Image result for never stop learning quote

Image result for never stop learning quote

Best day of the year

New year res.

Tattoo anyone? | Osborne Signs

“Tattoos - Superb signwriting from

Fundo marinho em estilo lettering

Marine background in lettering style

What's Your Style?

via Promise Tangeman about one’s individuality…uniqueness. I am fortunate to have these and only these type of people in my life.

I guess this is what my Mother meant when she would say, "Just think what you could have been!"

"You are living at a fraction of your true potential" (Work by Lucas Sharp using Sapling lettering.

Church & State Branding by Tim Praetzel Twitter:...

Church State Branding by Tim Praetzel

sign painter's pattern book, France

sign painter's pattern book, France