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wtf: Oh, you hate me? Join the club!There are weekly meetings at the corner of Fuck You St. and Kiss My Ass Blv.

Me n Jack are crazy...watch out!

Hilarious picture of Jack Nicholson smiling and being extremely happy, because he doesn't care much. He has craziness in his eyes

Just a handful

Fuck face - a person with a face that instantly pisses you off the moment you see it & you have to fight an incredible urge to smash him or her in the mouth.

Dont care what you think

No one cares Seriously, your friends are all internet friends Everyone else knows your straight jacket material to MY bitch

This is exactly ME! TGIF motherfuckers. @rebelcircus

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I'm seriously the nicest and meanest person you will ever meet. Now fuck off and have a great day.

Winston Churchill....voted by the British people - the greatest Brit ever........

voted by the British people - the greatest Brit ever.best book of all times is Tolkien´s saga "Lord of the Rings".by all means - gen´s gave it a thought and it workes miracles still .