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The Divine Name. Salvation depends on calling upon Jehovah's name in faith.

The name we often call "JEHOVAH" is from the original Hebrew, which is YAWEH. Just as the name "Jesus" is from the original Hebrew of Yeshua.

New World Translation Ps 84:11 For Jehovah God is a sun and a shield; He gives favor and glory. Jehovah will not hold back anything good From those walking in integrity.

New World Translation Ps For Jehovah God is a sun and a shield; Jehovah will not hold back anything good From those walking in integrity.

"For the way man sees is not the way God sees...Jehovah sees into the heart."  1 Sam. 16:7

Jehovah knows our innermost thoughts and feelings, and when there are times when we just cant say it, Jehovah knows.

The Bible teaches that God's Kingdom is an Actual Government to be ruled by his son Jesus and his co-rulers.

Matthew 6:33

Bible Devotional - Make God first in your life. Dont get caught up in worrying about the things of the world that are here today and gone tomorrow. God does not measure our life based on our worldly achievements, but on our trust in Him.

Image result for the senseless one has said in his heart there is no Jehovah

Jesus made it clear that not all persons would inherit everlasting life, but those doing the "will" of his Father Jehovah, would. See Matthew 1 John Colossians Each one will render an account.

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Monday, August 22 If errors were what you watch . . . who, O Jehovah, could stand?—Ps. 130:3. http://wol.jw.org/en/wol/h/r1/lp-e

New World Translation Ps If errors were what you watch, O Jah, Then who, O Jehovah, could stand?


As Jehovah's people, we don't have a breaking point. Jehovah understands our capabilities and limitations so much better than we do, therefore we have every assurance that we handle anything that comes our way with His help.

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Psalm 105 Give thanks to Jehovah, call on his name, Make his deeds known among the peoples! 2 Sing to him, sing praises to him, Ponder over all his wonderful works. 3 Boast about his holy name. Let the hearts of those seeking Jehovah rejoice. 5 Remember the wonderful works he has performed, His miracles and the judgments he has pronounced, 7 He is Jehovah our God jw.org

♛Jehovah created all things on Earth and in Heaven. Jehovah will take back what is his and what belongs to him very shortly and rightly so♛