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Photography - Almost dead flowers but still amazingly pretty

Photography - Almost dead flowers but still amazingly pretty

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I think several bouquets of dead flowers wood look great. It’s a good metaphor for life and death, flowers once beautiful with rich colours now muted and lifeless.

even the faded can be beautiful, for they have lived a beautiful life.

subtle hints of blue and pink that are peaking though the dead browns and tans!

Cardoon is as a Artichoke Thistle.  It has become an extremely important medicinal herb in recent years following the discovery of cynarin.  Cynarin has been shown to improve liver and gall bladder function, stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, and lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Gardening Autumn - from the garden, cardoon. seeds from monticello. photo by rinne allen - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations


Colleen Meacham: Fine Art Photographer of black and white images of Florae made with Polaroid film. She has also photographed the Lush humid landscape and seascape of Hawaii in black and white toned images.

These beautiful set of photographs of decaying orchids, roses and leaves were shot by Billy Kidd, an extremely talented photographer based in New York. Usu

Billy Kidd - Beautiful Decay

Dark Orchid Decaying Orchid shot by Billy Kidd. I really like these series of decaying flowers as the contrast between the reds and purples against the dark background is interesting.