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Woahhhhh now THIS beautiful creature would bring my crazy cat lady game to a whole new level!

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A really nice Savanah cat. Trying to convince Ryan this is better than a dog :)

Savannah cat!  I've always loved them!  I can't believe how big they get!

African Serval/ Savannah Cat

Dear Santa, can I have one of these please? It's a Serval Savannah, the biggest domestic cat in the world.

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Savannah cat -- photo by Hale Stone Savannah Cats. These are huge cats, some up to 30 lbs! The father is a wild Serval and the mother a domestic cat. My cat is part savannah, he's a big boy, has these spots, but some tabby stripes too!

OMG they're so GORGEOUS but would wreak havok in an apartment. Dammit. #goals

OMG they're so GORGEOUS but would wreak havok in an apartment. the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline friend!

Free Savannah Cats For Adoption | Female Serval Savannah kittens and Margay kittens FOR SALE ADOPTION ...

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This looks more like a Serval than a Savannah even though it's listed as a Savannah. It doesn't really matter though, since the Savannah is engineered from a Serval and a Domestic cat

The "Savannah" cat.  They are big and beautiful!

Funny pictures about The Savannah cat. Oh, and cool pics about The Savannah cat. Also, The Savannah cat.

Prettiest cat ever.

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Such a gorgeous cat!! <3

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a baby ocelot playing with a little mouse :) Singleton can have the mouse. I want the ocelot!

What I would do....Savannah cats...I'm just a feline at heart, in a past life...maybe one now.

Tuxedo Cats

Savannah cat and a normal domestic cat - the Savannah cat is so large that it has been banned from import into Australia for fear of it endangering native wildlife. This is a + cat!

My, what big ears you have!

My, what big ears you have! Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Mine, Savannah Cat and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat shirts, cat socks, and other cat apparel by tapping the pin!

American Curl Cat Breeds

Savannah cats a gorgeous but very hard to care for! They can get up to as well but if your willing to do the research and preparation they might just be right for you!

The goal of our Bengal and Savannah cat breeding program is to produce kittens with the exotic look of the wild cat and gentle, yet spirited nature of the domestic.

Welcome to the Urban Safari Cattery, your best source for the finest Savannah and Bengal cats and kittens for sale.

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