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truer words have never been spoken.

Girls stay around for guys that are not in the relationship and fuck with their feelings.respect yourself enough to walk away from it! Story of my life. Men like to fuck you! Not in the food way and some women do that shit too!

Woman understand they are sensitive but also understand when to tell their brain to shut up, when to let hurtful people out of their life, and loving isn't always the best thing, although it is the most wonderful experience to have!

Lesson on women: Girls are sensitive, they overthink every little thing and they care way more than they should, but that's what makes their love so strong.

If you chase love from those who do not return it. You may one day get the love you seek but at what cost and it likely won't last. People either show you love and respect or they don't!

Never Chase Love, Affection Or Attention?ref=pinp nn Never chase love, affection or attention. If it isn’t given freely by another person, it isn’t worth having.This lesson is on the top of my list to ensure 'next time' is a success.

shouldn't have let her go

I hope one day I'll pop up in your head and you'll think "I shouldn't of let her go".sweet yet sad (: :)

Can’t Figure Out Where You Stand -

Just Start Walking. If you can't figure out where you stand with someone,it might be time to stop standing and start walking.

A real man gives his woman her place in his life. She will never be jealous of women, Because he will always let her place be known.

A real man will respect his woman and NOT allow other women cross the line

A Quote, Clearly by a Non-HSP… ;-) I wish I was only affected by the moods of those I care about!

A Quote, Clearly by a Non-HSP… ;-) I wish I was only affected by the moods of those I care about!

Since he keeps me smiling I'd say he's pretty powerful and I'm the luckiest girl in the world

My soulhusband must be the most powerful man on earth because I always have the biggest smile with him. I love my beautiful man!

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