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Native Americans have often held timber wolves in the highest esteem in their culture. In truth, they are many times seen as a sacred animal and featured significantly in ancient songs, dances and stories that have been handed down for generations.


Le loup et l'Homme vus par le photographe Christian Houge

"The Wild still lingered in him and the Wolf in him merely slept." ~from White Fang by Jack London ~photog Shadow Within Project by Christian Houge


Today on Springwolf Reflections: Lost Hope: What do you do when you’ve reached the point of despair, no hope and all pride is lost? ~ Click the link to read more.

Ascendo Tuum

Ascendo Tuum

God, please help the people to understand and respect the value of ALL life.

Randy is just a cool guy. He mostly always is calm under pressure which makes for a great alpha. Once you get to know him you find he is more than a pretty boy he is an effective leader and a great friend.

By Dan Carr

“ mrbiggsproductions: “ nogfhaver: “ her-wolf: “ Howling Timberwolves by Peter Weimann ” ” Aww!