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Scythian horse pendant

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Mithras, 2nd Century, Roman A popular God in many parts of the empire. Was often worshipped by the legionaries and just like other mystery cults there was a big emphasis on the initiation rite.

Roman marble statue of Mithras slaying the bull. Mithras is shown in eastern costume, including trousers and a Phrygian cap. A dog and snake are shown trying to lick the blood and a scorpion is attacking the bull's genitals. The British Museum, London.

~ Вдохновение ~: Фиксируя "палитру из оттенков"

~ Вдохновение ~: Фиксируя "палитру из оттенков"

Jeroglifico en el cual se observa los tipos y moda en la vestimentas de las reinas en el antiguo Egipto. Nos ilustra en detallos los accesorios y otras prendas que distinguian a la alta jerarquía.

Design history: Egyptian Art – Episode #4

long linen dress - 2700 BCE to 750 BCE - Kalasiris was the 'uniform' for all Egyptian women - a close fitting tube dress. (Dictionary of Fashion)