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Admin Note: Anon, we can’t tell other what and who to like. It would be nice if all the actors that play in Supernatural got attention like Maybe we just don’t see it, or the actors get it from.

Teddy bear docs

That moment when that's an actual quote.<----Yeah, but there was great need for a Teddy Bear doctor. That bear was messed up.


That is my favorite gag reel moment! They are incredibly hilarious and just crazy. Just watch one of the gag reels. It doesn't matter which season, just watch one of them. They will give you life.

Supernatural! And Scooby Doo was my absolute favorite as a kid :)

Supernatural is Scooby Doo for adults Jensen Ackles Jared Padeleki Misha Collins meddling kids cept the ghosts and ghouls are real. Yeah, this was boss's conclusion when I had to try and explain it to him.


One day you're a soap opera star. and the next your two best friends are an energetic puppy and a crazy person who commissions skittle portraits of your face.

Meanwhile, Sam is sitting there, "Dean wtf is wrong with your boyfriend seriously you need to get this handled Dean make him stop."

One of my favorite scenes with Castiel in Supernatural :D I'd be the babysitter to his pizza man anytime <---- bad, very very bad. But SO funny!

CW and my tv husband, Jensen Ackles

CW Upfronts 2014 - Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins from Supernatural. Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy from Arrow ~~~~ this is my new favorite picture haha