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Post with 1243932 views. Pic I took at the Memphis zoo (No they weren't mating) He just walked past for a nuzzle.

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Why Valentines Day Isn’t my Favorite

Ephalunts in Love. (Welsh for elephant is elifant - your word for today. Do elephants have noses? Don't forget to make that trunk call!

I'd like a shirt with this on it.  or a mug, or painting, or a poster.  i'd even settle for a printout

I love the strong emotions in this picture. Typically the lioness is the one in charge, the one who hunts and takes care of the babies but here she surrenders, gives up her power momentarily to engage to the lion's sweet play.

Stunning 'Our World' photo contest winners

Stunning 'Our World' photo contest winners

These photos of Tally inside a box are the photos that made her famous!

These 12 Pics of a Husky Raised by Cats Are Taking the Internet by Storm

This Husky raised by cats acts like a cat - Ego - AlterEgo

baby + pug haha! So cute!! @Heather Schilling @Megan Schilling @Kelly Schilling LOOK AT THIS NOW!!!!

Asian babies and pugs are two of my most favorite things in the whole wide world: This picture is perfection.

tigers! soo cute... unless there trying to eat you ,then, not-so-much.  :))

Bengal Tigers - This picture sends a message saying that racism shouldn't be a thing, and that being equal is a thing.

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'What she'll we eat tonight, whilst Mummy and Daddy are in bed asleep' - Funny Cat & Little Baby Midnight raid of the Fridge

Era uma vez....

The Siberian tiger. They can weigh up to 660 pounds with males growing up to more than ft from head to tail. This photo shows brother Siberian tiger cubs playing hide and seek. (Helen E.

White Siberian Tiger with Baby Tiger Cub Animal Print Poster 24X36 (61X91.5cm)

White Siberian Tiger with Baby Tiger Cub Animal Print Poster 24X36 (61X91.5cm)

My favorite animal. White tigers- so sweet. Almost looks like baby is whispering in mom's ear. "Hey, mommy, I love you.

Coco Chanel Barbie

Mama otter showing off her baby. The mama has a very sweet face!