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Rubbing alcohol

Fluster Buster: 35 Uses for Rubbing Alcohol - WWII Series (except using it on a white board, I imagine.

I know plenty of people who just guess.

If you know the basic method to cooking grains (boil water, add grain, lower to a simmer and cover the pot until the grain absorbs all the moisture) then these water-to-grain ratios are all you cooking tips guide

Conversion Charts & Kitchen Tips | The Baking ChocolaTess

Conversion Charts & Kitchen Tips

Baking Pan Conversion Chart ~ How many cupcakes will your favorite cake recipe yield? Does it make enough batter for a bundt pan? Now, you’ll know!

How to Choose the Proper Knife for Every Type of Food [INFOGRAPHIC] |Foodbeast

Produced by Millys Kitchen Store, this infographic aims to help us identify the different types of knives in the kitchen

This article is shared with permission from our friends at Paleohacks. When we hear the term “environmental pollution,” what usually comes to mind are the toxins we encounter when we venture outside, like exhaust fumes, smog, pesticides, and even radioactive chemicals. However, there is another major source of toxins that are lurking a little closer... View Article

9 Natural DIY Cleaning Products Every Home Needs

Know your apples

If youve ever seen a large apple selection you know these fruits vary so much in color and flavor. Which do you choose when you want apple pie, and which do you choose for fresh, raw salads? Check out these common apple types and the right ways to use the

Powdered milk conversion chart

Powdered Milk Cooking Tips and Recipes. I use powdered milk in cooking if I'm running low on milk. You can't tell you've used powdered milk in recipes!

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7 Homemade Cleaners That Will Save You a Trip to the Store

A Typical English Home: My Favorite Natural Cleaning Recipes Tuesday, 16 September 2014 Save money cleaning homemade cleaning

Without any intervention of doctors or chemical products, you can get rid of jock itch by following these home remedies for jock itch. Here are the top 12 home remedies for jock itch which you should implement. Try to mix some tips to say goodbye to this disease in no time.

Top Natural Home Remedies for Jock Itch will help you get rid of Jock Itch effectively in a short period of time without using chemical drugs .

10 amazing cleaning solution diy's!

10 Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions From simple shower cleaners, to carpet stain removers, to wrinkle release spray, not only were these DIY solutions much cheaper, but they work SO MUCH BETTER too!