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Hetalia World Series - Extra Episode 1 [ENGLISH DUB]

Hetalia_Motivational poster_Denmark and Norway (DenNor).

I honestly started crying...Everyone needs to read this, whether you watch Hetalia or not.

Hetalia support to make u feel better

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING - though this is hilarious, I still like that the hetalia revolutionary war gave a reasonable side to both America and England. A lot of times in the US you just get this version, which kinda warps your mind. Hetalia honestly gave me a sense of culture and made me think of what it would be like in someone else's shoes. For England, it did probably feel like this place he started and helped and supported was betraying him while America must have felt very left out.

XD Canada at the end though!

...ok so if Belarus is Mary than does that mean Russia is her little lost lamb? Pfft

Mary lost her lamb XD

I shall sing this on Chrismas to my family. They shall suffer the wrath of the fangirl. This is what they get for thinking Hetalia is inappropriate. This. Is. What. They. Get.

I shall sing this on Chrismas to my family. They shall suffer the wrath of the fangirl. This is what they get for thinking Hetalia is inappropriate.<<<>:D THE WRATH OF FANGIRLS!

i know this has been done so many times but... there's actually no real "but". except for france's naked butt. my tumblr: [link] my facebook: [link] my ....

you got owned america

I'm sorry for the fifth one, but these were funny

Hetalia text posts - Random (Random posts I compiled)

*cries* I cannot see why people cannot see so much pain Russia a.k.a. van had to go through... It makes me sympathize with him a little (too bad I know e can be a little bit creepy at the same time as well but when I think about it I can see why he had became like that)

*This is making me so sad.* aw this is so touching and beautifully written all at the same time :')<<<*creates portal to hetalia**runs to hug Russia**Hugs Russia*

Oh I love the Nordics

Oh I love the Nordics

I love everything about this except that it's UKUS not USUK

Hetalia ~ UK v. US pocky game ~ Fangirling a bit over here. This is why YAOI is awesome!

F♥ck you USA

I am applauding Russia, Belarus, and China. ^J^ <<< Aww poor America though XD<< Haha take that Papa! Rochu and Sister strikes again!

I've never watched Hetalia, but this is adorable. (And I can think of plenty of situations where this would work - like with my brothers.)

Hetalia Germany, Italy, and Romano<------ need a Gerita board too.

Hetalia: World Series - Episode 1 (SUB)

Hetalia: World Series - Episode 1 (SUB)

Bed Intruder by LoveToTheCucumber on DeviantArt

Bed Intruder by LoveToTheCucumber

12 Days of Nordic by maivalkov on DeviantArt //does it make you late if you in a different time zone

12 Days of Nordic<<<< my favourites are Sweden and Norway

I think I cried a litt- a lot I cried a lot D,: this is so beautiful

I am legit crying, guys and that doesn't happen often<<England isn't the only one that hates the revolution