Just the idea of notes like this makes you want to study.

studyandfocus: “ studysthetics: “ - 2015 Writing notes and making little information cards on philosophers from my textbook ready for ethics next term 🎀 ” Handwriting porn ”

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Buy a journal and post it flags. Mark tests, essays, hectic days, and finals. --- study tips & organization


Future of european union essay topics European Union Essays - The Future of the European Union

theorganisedstudent: “notes on transnationalism using a Pilot pen 📓 ”

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WEBSTA @ emily_studies - Chemistry is definitely the toughest subject but it's just about working until you finally get it right!


lx-studying: after a jog this morning i was so much more refreshed and rewrote my notes from class yesterday ☺️

studyblr obsessed with lush i guess

studysthetics: “ - psychology revision today for the mock on friday. my mocks have actually gone p well despite missing one, but I got an A in geography which was a really nice surprise *u* I.