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✿ Boletellus Betula ✿

Shaggy-Stalked Bolete Mushroom (Boletellus Betula) ~ By MycoImage~~nature`s balance~~

Coprinus Comatus  This mushroom looks like its wearing a wig, and can often be found growing right at the center of a beautiful green lawn, as well as gravel roads, and dumping grounds.

Coprinus comatus (lawyer’s wig, shaggy ink-cap, shaggy mane fungus) ~☆~

Mushrooms by Richard Loader

The poisonous Magpie Fungus (Coprinopsis Picacea) is a native of the British isles. First described in Preferring alkaline soil, it is usually found in beech woods in late summer and early fall. Additional family members occur in North America and th

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Laccaria Amethystina, commonly known as the Amethyst Deceiver is a small brightly colored, edible mushroom ~ By Andrew D Malcolm purple

mushrooms on moss.

awesome mushrooms on moss-I would say the fairies would love to jump on these.a game o.


Laccaria amethystina (purple laccaria) Commonly known as the Amethyst Deceiver is a small brightly colored, edible mushroom, that grows in deciduous as well as coniferous forests.

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✹ Orange Fan (Anthracophyllum archeri) - Small fungi found on dead wood in native forests. Pale orange in drier areas to vibrant red in wetter areas and sometimes in great numbers that often overlap each other. (Photo by

World's biggest mushroom weighing more than 20 kilogram and 70 cm tall

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46 #Magical Wild Mushrooms You Won't Believe Are Real ...

White chicken mushroom, also known as Spring chicken (Laetiporus cincinnatus/Laetiporus semialbinus/Laetiporus sulphureus) "In a good season, vegetarian mushroomers can have their chicken and eat it too, throughout the warm part of the year.

Veiled Lady || Phallus indusiatus

Veiled Lady Mushroom (Phallus indusiatus) This edible and rather healthful mushroom is used in Chinese cuisine. It is coated in a greenish-brown slime that contains spores -- the slime attracts flies and insects that help disperse the spores.

☽ mermaids love cake ☾

Shaggy Pholiota Fungi - Most members of the genus Pholiota are wood-rotting saprobes with brown to cinnamon brown or rusty brown spore prints, gills that are attached to the stem but do not run down it, and rings or ring zones. (by Dr Keith Wheeler)

missfairyblossom:    Pholiota flammans by Jerome van Passel on Flickr

[CasaGiardino] ♛ Flaming Scalecap Mushrooms (Pholiota flammans) By Jerome van Passel