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Commentary: Tearing Down the Cross & Shredding the Word of God

How we spent our winter break

Flexible Flyer Brand: Heading Downhill Since 1889 - Lisa Merriam

Obama Crosses Stonehenge Off His 'Bucket List'.  WHEN is someone with balls going to check BO off OUR bucket list???

President Obama Checks Stonehenge Off His Bucket List - ABC News

Flying beavers might sound like a ridiculous idea but it was actually an Idaho reality back in 1950. (Photo: The Idaho Historical Society and The Department of Fish and Game/Global News)

Long-lost documentary shows beavers strapped with parachutes to solve overpopulation - National

Obama’s evolution on trade will put him at war with his own party

As senator, he voted against CAFTA. As president, he touts an Asia pact opposed by many Democrats.

and Columbia, after the August Riots of Several days of Rioting between Black Residents and Police, leave the Shopping District along West.

Maryland Sheriff to Feds: Try and Take Our Guns, and You’ll Get a Civil War : PatriotUpdate.com #patriotupdate @patriotupdate

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis is taking a strong stance against potential limits to Maryland citizens’ Second Amendment rights.