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Explore the artwork of award-winning Cherokee beadwork artists, including Cherokee National Treasure artists.

Martha Berry: Cherokee Beadwork Artist

Beaded art inspired by traditional Southeastern Woodlands Native American Indian beadwork, including bandolier bags, moccasins, sashes, small purses and belts.

Cherokee beaded moccasins

Cherokee Moccasins All American Indian moccasins were originally made of soft leather stitched together with sinew.

Black and Gold Cherokee Rose Beaded Bracelet

Black Beaded Seed Bead Flower Cuff Bracelet Beaded Bracelet beautifully hand beaded with Cz Seed Beads The Latest Trend In Fashion Jewel

Lisa Rutherford Beadwork

Lisa Rutherford, Floral Cherokee purse, see: All Things Cherokee: Art Gallery - Beadwork